Saint Frances Cabrini Catholic Parish and School

Devoted with her to His Heart... We are a Eucharistic family, inspired by Mother Cabrini, adoring the Sacred Heart of Jesus, forming grateful disciples and joyfully serving His people.

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1025 S. 7th Ave
West Bend, WI 53095
P: 262-338-2366
F: 262-338-2348

Our Parish Prayer Chain exists to serve our Parish Family.  

If you or a loved one is in need of prayer, please contact the prayer chain. 

Requests for the prayer chain should be forwarded to the Parish Office  262 338 2366, ext 10;  or submitted online below.  

Prayers can be requested by name or without giving a person’s name.  (eg: Please pray for a parishioner with cancer).  

If you would like to join our prayer chain, Please contact Cathy Fichtner at 262-334-7142 or  You can be notified via phone or email when a new prayer request is submitted. How and when you pray for the request is completely your choice.  It is a beautiful ministry of love and service.


For a young college student who lost his father recently-is now convinced there "is no God" -has quit college and church and is very vulnerable.

Angeline-for healing and strength while recovering from hip surgery.

Michael – just diagnosed with Kidney cancer prayers for successful chemo.

Peter – Spinal surgery Tuesday 3/24 Cervical fusion

Karen – ongoing chemo

Jean – repose of soul and for her grieving husband and family

Milly – blessings on her 92nd birthday

Submit your Prayer Request Here

Please know that we will get your prayer request to our prayer chain as quickly as we can.