Saint Frances Cabrini

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Communications Policy and Submission guidelines

The Parish reserves the right to edit any submissions prior to publication or communication.

  • Preference will be given to liturgical, sacramental, formational, and parish/school items, programs, and events. 
  • Submissions will be reviewed by the appropriate parish staff member(s) and subject to their approval. 
  • All submissions should be electronic.  Submissions need to be in an editable format… pdf’s will only be accepted if the separate workable file (publisher, word etc.) accompanies it.  If electronic submission is not possible, there will be a delay in publication.
  • Submissions should include requested publication date(s), and contact information of the requestor.

Bulletin Articles:

  • All articles must be submitted to the Parish Office by 12pm the Friday before (8 days prior) to the publication date.  It is preferred that they be submitted electronically to the email address: If email is not possible, please drop off your article in the Parish Office; attn: Communications Coordinator.
  • Please note that during Holiday Seasons, significantly earlier submission deadlines may apply.  Please contact the Parish Office to verify.
  • Please include specific dates for publication.
  • Articles will be placed in the bulletin as space allows and may be edited by the communications coordinator.  Articles will be reviewed and approved by the appropriate parish staff member.

Bulletin Inserts:

  • A limited number of flyers are inserted in the weekly bulletin.  Insert dates are reserved and scheduled through the communications coordinator.  Once an insert publication date is approved, a digital copy needs to be submitted to the communications coordinator for approval, or editing.  This needs to be received at least 2 weeks prior to publication date.  Flyers will be printed on white paper (unless otherwise approved) and will be in black/white.
  • You may be required to provide volunteers to “stuff” your insert into the bulletin the week of publication.  This is dependent on the availability of office volunteers the week of publication.

Cabrini News Newsletter:

  • The Parish Newsletter is published three times per year in Spring, Summer, and Fall.  It contains articles, photos and reflections that highlight parish ministries, groups, and individuals that provide an inspiring view of parish life.  To request or submit an article or photos, please contact the communications coordinator.  Article and photo selection begins 2 months prior to publication.

Web Site:

  • To request information to be placed on the Saint Frances Cabrini Parish Website, please contact the communications coordinator.  Information should be submitted in electronic form, including documents and images.
  • For event posting, please include the name of event, date of event, and if it is linked to a specific ministry.
  • Please include publication start and end times.
  • School Committee information/minutes and internal school staff postings require approval from the school principal.  Please submit to for approval.
  • The web site will be updated as staff schedules allow.

Entrance/Exit Bulletin Boards and Narthex Kiosk:

  • Please submit requests for any information that you would like to be displayed on our entrance/exit bulletin boards, or Narthex Kiosk to the Communications Coordinator.  These spaces are available only as space allows.  No business ads please.

Cabrini Newsbyte:

  • A weekly email is sent out from the parish to all subscribers.  This is designed to be a quick glimpse of the most timely bulletin items, as well as the weekly bulletin write-up.  Separate submissions for the Cabrini Newsbyte will not be accepted.  Please contact the Communications Coordinator with any questions.

Communications Coordinator is:

Tammy Waech



(updated: 12/2015)