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Becoming Catholic

Are you interested in becoming Catholic?

Persons who are unbaptized adults, those baptized in other religions, and those baptized Catholic but not raised in the faith will participate in R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Iniation for Adults). This process will prepare them to be welcomed into the Catholic Church and received the Sacraments of Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation.  Each year on Holy Saturday during the Easter Vigil,  thousands of men and women are received into the Catholic Church in the United States. Parishes welcome these new members through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) and at a liturgy bringing men and women into full communion with the Catholic Church.  

The Rite Of Christian Initiation Of Adults (RCIA) Process

Parish “programs” begin and end.  The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is much more than a “program.”  The RCIA is an on-going sacramental process that welcomes individuals who wish to become Catholic.

The RCIA, Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, is a journey of faith.  This Rite of the Catholic Church is for those who have not been baptized and is adapted for those who were baptized and come from other Christian traditions.  The RCIA process is more than a simple process of pouring the water and saying the words of baptism.  It is a time of inquiry, discovering where God is calling the individual.  This process is a time of learning what the Catholic Church is all about and how to live as Catholic Christians.  It is a time of preparation for the Easter sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist.  The RCIA is a time of spiritual growth.

As a Rite of the Catholic Church this faith Journey is marked with liturgical celebrations.  We begin with the Rite of Acceptance, welcoming the inquirers and signing them with the sign of Christ.  The Rite of Sending sends the Catechumens to the Cathedral to be introduced to the Archbishop and celebrate the Rite of Election.  At the Easter Vigil the elect and candidates receive the sacraments of Initiation.

If you are being “tapped on your shoulder” by God to begin or continue your spiritual journey through the RCIA process email Katie Schaitberger or call 262-338-2366 ext 114.  The RCIA process is an ongoing process so now is a good time to begin.

For more information on entering the Catholic Church at Saint Frances Cabrini contact: Katie Schaitberger or call 262-338-2366 ext 114.  

You can also check out the USCCB Website for additional information on the RCIA Process