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Welcome to the Server Page!

There are server trainings scheduled on Wednesday, September 19 and Thursday, September 20 at 6:30 PM.   Fall 2018 Server Letter & Registration Form

We invite young people to take a server training workshop beginning in the fifth grade.


Adult Mass Servers are used at daily Mass and some special occasions. Three youth servers are the standard for Sunday Masses. Sometimes it may be an adult and two youths.  On major feasts we may have four servers.

We strongly encourage families to participate as a group!

A training is given prior to serving and schedules are made out 4 times a year. Please contact Jill Maria Murdy at 338-2366 #116for more information.

Altar Guild

We have a group of high school aged men in the parish who have taken on the additional special ministry as the Altar Guild.  Once a month they serve together, and more liturgical elements are involved.  They also serve at many larger occasions, like when a bishop is here.   Outside of church they do things to enjoy comradery and fellowship together.   If you are interested please contact Father Andrew Infanger for more information.  


The Schedule is live here. 


Fall 2018 Server Letter & Registration Form
Server Guidelines
Instructions for Altar Bells

Server Training on Bells 2013 from FrancesCabrini on Vimeo.

Updated 9/5/2018