Saint Frances Cabrini

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Outreach Grants Page

Saint Frances Cabrini Outreach Mission

1)      Grants should support the parish vision and mission

2)      Grants should support Southeastern Wisconsin, National and International efforts primarily outside of Saint Frances Cabrini parish boundaries.

3)      No monetary single grant shall exceed 20% of the total Outreach committee budget.

4)      An amount not to exceed 35% of the total Outreach committee budget may be allocated to Saint Frances Cabrini-based ministries whose work primarily serves those outside the parish (example: Haiti Twinning Project)

5)      Requests for funding of Saint Frances Cabrini-based outreach ministries shall be submitted through their committees.

6)      An annual report shall be submitted, summarizing grants awarded.

Please submit any questions or comments to our Outreach Committee at

Saint Frances Cabrini Community Outreach Grant Application